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About me

I’m a Sydney-based filmmaker; passionate about finding evocative images, that tell captivating stories. I love searching for the fleeting moments that can go unnoticed; capturing and sharing these moments gives me great joy.

I started camera assisting in 2012 and have been working in the industry ever since.


Where I’m from

I grew up on a farm in South Africa where I developed a keen eye for the nuances, variations, and details that are abundant in the natural world.  To me, it’s an immersion in, and awareness of, the visual splendour of our world that makes our lives interesting and colourful. 


What I’m doing

I have experience as a professional cinematographer and 1stAC on a wide range of commercial projects, as well as on narrative film sets. 

Let's go together

If you have a commercial/narrative project, I’d love to have the opportunity to discuss it with you. Please contact me by dropping me an email on:

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