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24/25/80 fps 6K Redcode Raw 

Lens mount: RF, PL and EF

*Global shutter for cars/vfx and moving subjects

LENSES (Anamorphic)

Vazen 28mm T2.2 RF 1.8 x

Vazen 40mm T2.0 RF 1.8 x

Vazen 65mm T2.0 RF 1.8 x

Covers S35 at 2.35:1 aspect

LENSES (Spherical)

Sigma Cinema Zoom 18-35mm T2 

Sigma Cinema Zoom 50-100mm T2

Sigma Telephoto Zoom 120-300mm F2.8

Tokina 11-16mm F 2.8

Canon 100mm Macro F 2.8

B - Camera Package

Red Komodo 

Specs:  24/25/40 fps

Lens mount: PL, RF and EF

Assist/Monitor Equipment

Follow focus - Teradek RT Ctrl 3 Wireless Focus Unit - (SmallHD Distance overlay)


Focus Bug Cine RT - Focus System (Teradek RT Feed)

7'' SmallHD Cine 7 Monitor with Wooden Camera cage (V3)

Adicam Maxi Trolley (10 inch wheels) - 150mm and 100mm bowls


DJI Transmission  (V-Lock Mount) (6km range)

1 x DJI Transmission Receiver (V-Lock Mount) (6km range)

7 inch DJI High Bright Remote Monitor 

Vaxis Storm 1000 tx/rx wireless kit (zero latency)

2 x 4 way V-Lock Chargers (5 Amp for fast charging)

1 x 2 way V-Lock Charger

9 x 150wh V-Lock batteries

1 x 2000wh AC/DC Bluetti Portable power station for remote charging.

GRIP Equipment and Gimbal

DJI Ronin 3 Pro 

12ft track with platform dolly (200 lbs payload)

4ft Pro-aim Slider (60 lbs payload)


Teris 100mm Tripod head and Tripod 

Teris 100mm Baby Tripod Legs

Sachtler 75mm Flowtech Tripod with Nitrotech N12 Head

Teris 5 Meter Jib - Ronin 3 Pro 

Cine Saddle

2 x Apple Boxes (nested with pancakes 1/4's and 1/2's)


1 x Aputure 600 D

1 x Aputure 300 D 

1 x Aputure 300 X

1 x Aputure 120 D 

1 x Aputure 60 X

4 x Aputure MC's (RGBWW) with wireless charging kit

1 x 8 x Aputure B7C's (bulbs) with 2 x softbox (RGBWW) (2x350w)

1 x Nanguang Tube Light (RGBWW) 

1 x Nanguang Light mat (Bi-Colour)

1 x Aputure Spotlight Mount (Light beams and background Gobo effects)

*All RGBWW lights controlled with wireless App, stepless dimming and High speed capable.

Effects include, Lightning, TV, Faulty Light, Fireworks, Police lights and Fire/Candle.

Light Modifiers and Stands

1 x 10x10 ft Manfrotto Frame with either silk or black

2 x Aputure Dome  mk 2 Large (gel holder)

1 x Aputure Dome mk 1 Large

1 x Aputure Dome mk 1 Small

2 x Aputure Dome mk 2 Small (gel holder)

1 x Aputure Lantern 90

1 x Aputure Spacelight

2 x Bowens Fresnels (Aputure lights)

1 x Aputure Spotlight Mount (Beams of light and shapes)

1 x Large Umbrella

1 x  2x3' Frame

1 x  2x3' Flag/Cutter

2 x  1x2' Net

1 x  1x1' Cutter

4 x  12x12' Black

4 x  4x4' Frames with Rosco 216,252,250 diffusion 

4 x C-Stands 

1 x Heavy Duty Low Boy

2 x Heavy Duty Combo Stands

2 x Small Light Stands

2 x Full Size Apple boxes

2 x Half Size Apple boxes

2 x Quarter Size Apple boxes

2 x Pancake Apple boxes


VW Transporter T6 SWB with Adicam Maxi on set Trolley

Other Cameras and Lenses available on request* Have experience with  Arri, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Red.

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